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By the inheritance of my bloodline, I was taught the art of Runes from an early age.

The Runes

Honouring the ancient traditions of the Saami and Norse cultures through the art of runes

Runes are a series of symbols used in the Norse magical tradition. They were traditionally carved onto stone, wood, bone, metal, or some similarly hard surface rather than drawn with ink and pen on parchment, which explains their sharp, angular form, which was well-suited to the material

The earliest runic inscriptions found on artefacts give the name of either the craftsman or the proprietor, but often their significance remains a linguistic mystery to archaeologists. It is possible that the early runes were not used so much as a simple writing system, but rather as magical signs to be used for charms and divination. The name rune itself, is taken to mean 'secret, something hidden', and seems to indicate that the knowledge of the runes was originally considered esoteric and restricted to an elite

The 'Elder Futhark' consists of 24 runes that often are arranged in three groups of eight; each group is referred to as an Ætt. The earliest known sequential listing of the full set of 24 runes dates to approximately 400 AD and is found on the Kylver Stonein, on the Baltic island of Gotland, Sweden

I feel privileged to honour the heritage of my maternal great grandmother from this same island, Gotland, where magic interweaves the traditions of Saami and Norse cultures since time immemorial. Luckily, I was taught since an early age into the art of runes and the Völva, traditional Norse seers and wise women, daughters of the goddess Freya. I received my first set when I was nine years old and ever since, the runes have blessed my path in life. Now I wish to put my skill and knowledge at your service

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"Thank you so for our handfasting! We really appreciate all of the planning and behind-the-scenes work that made our wedding the best day of our lives!"

Jacqueline M.

"Our wedding was profound and beautiful! Elena is an amazing woman and we felt privileged to have her conduct our handfasting ceremony"

Ross M.

"The Druid service was moving and dignified"

Alix F.

"There is no word to describe all the work involved and the heart put into it. We are very grateful to Elena for blessing this day with such magic"

Holly W.

"What an inspirational wonderful ceremony, thank you Elena, so much. The energy we felt within the circle was phenomenal"

Robert B.

"Fantastic ceremony, thanks to Elena Danaan who made this day unique"

Tom O.

"Said goodbye to an inspirational friend today, who could not have asked for a more perfect day, and what a service given by Elena!"

Robert B.

"Everything was magical and perfect in everyway. We felt truly blessed!"

Ross M.

"It was an amazing service"

Gareth L.

"It was such a moving ceremony, and under that 350 year old oak tree!!"

Rod C.

"Wonderful green rite performed by Elena Danaan from Ireland, many thanks"

Brian H.

"With the sun shining and the Druids taking the ceremony, just a wonderful send off"

Rod C.

"As a first time buyer I can say that the whole experience has been out of this world, thank you!"

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