Manannan Mc Lir Magic Wand

€ 85.00 EUR

A beautifulgift that can be used as a magic wand to invoke Manannan mac Lir, the Celtic God of the Sea. Handmade in West Kerry, Ireland with pine wood, shells, Kerry crystals, and aquamarine gem.  

Magic Wand

Width: 6 cm

Height: 6 cm

Length: 95 cm

Weight: 195 g

Material: Kerry Crystal, Aquamarine, Pine Wood, Shell and Polymer Clay


The Pine tree is an evergreen, and one of its old title was "the sweetest of woods".  It was known to the Druids as one of the seven chieftain trees of the Irish.

Manannan mac Lir

He is the most prominent sea deity of Irish mythology and literature. With his sea-borne chariot and his cloak of invisibility, he guards the otherworld and the afterlife, incorporating aspects of the ancient Greek gods Poseidon and Hades.  

The Dingle Peninsula

It is where I respectfully gather the materials for my crafts, along the cliffs and the sea shores of this scenic place in County Kerry, where I live. Every material I use in my crafts has been gathered with gratitude and respect, and is a unique piece of this beautiful western edge of Ireland. There is magic in all of them.

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Manannán can also be associated with the Arthurian land of eternal youth, Avalon (Tír na nÓg in Celtic mythology),because his Irish daughter Niamh is one of the queens of this realm and his Welsh son Bran the Blessed possesses the cauldron of rejuvenation, not unlike the mythical Holy Grail. The Celtic people believed that Manannan was connected through mists with the other worlds, where the souls journeyed in theafter-life. Emhain Abhlach (“land of the apples”) was one of the islands of theother world, and according to Irish tradition, Manannán ruled over it. This isnot without thinking about the very name of the mythic island of Avalon cloaked in the mist: “Abhalach”. As a master of tricks and illusions, Manannán had many magical possessions. His horse, called Aonbarr, could gallop across the waves of the sea as if they were solid ground. He also had a ship called ‘wave sweeper’ that needed no oars or sails to travel. Manannán’s great cloak could change to any colour he wanted, allowing him to shroud himself in mist and disappear…

I created this wand on a beautiful Summer day sitting on a beach in Dingle, on the West Coast of Ireland. It was lovely and calm and with my tools, I started to sculpt the clay guided by the inspiring beauty of the landscape around me. This is how this special wand came to life. Materials are pine wood, shells, Kerry Crystals, Aquamarine gem.  My crafts are made using natural resources found on beaches and in woodlands of the West coast of Ireland.

The scent of Pine is useful in the alleviation of guilt. Its needles are a valuable source of vitamin C and can loosen a tight chest.The cones and nuts can be carried as a fertility charm. To purify and sanctify an outdoor ritual area, you can brush the ground with a pine branch.

The Dingle Peninsula (Corca Dhuibhne) culminates in the Irish mainland's westernmost point. In the shadow of Mt Brandon, a maze of fuchsia-fringed boreens weaves together an ancient landscape of prehistoric ring forts and beehive huts, holy wells, picturesque hamlets and. It is there, on its meandering sea shores framed with purple cliffs and emerald vegetation, where I go to secret coves respectfully gathering a gift or two left by the Ocean. Every material I use in my crafts has been gathered with gratitude and respect, and is a unique piece of this beautiful western edge of Ireland. There is magic in all of them.