Wood Sorrel Fairy Greeting Card

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Fairies are magical tiny creatures, mainly nature spirits, who frequent caves, rocks, hills, woods and sources. They are naturally facetious and complicated, and their behaviour is ruled by a moral code which is very different from ours. Most of these little creatures, apart their size, appearance and nature, have hidden powers and are able to give, as much as they please, good and bad luck. When dealing with Fairies it is of primary importance that you treat them with kindness and all respect.

Greeting Card

Width:  12 cm

Height: 18 cm

Weight: 24 g

Material: Paper x weight

Greeting Card representing original acrylic painting and digital art by Elena Danaan

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Full Description

Fairies are constantly attracted by every form of creativeness and, most of all, by instants of deep feeling, which they want to share. Lovers, poets, artists, writers, sculptors, weavers, musicians and all arts have to admit they are indebt to an unidentifiable force, which is invisible, capricious, sensible, delicate, incomprehensible and powerful, called “inspiration” or “Muse” which, when it is present, is generally irresistible. Fairy’s world is full ofenchantment, charming beauty, spirit, malice, joy and inspiration, laughter and love. When it comes to fairy food, mallow fruits are fairy cheeses, and dogwood fruits are pixie pears. Little cakes are another favourite fairy food, and if they are made with saffron, they are especially cherished since saffron is highly valued by fairies. Fairies love beauty and splendour, grace of movement, music and pleasure, everything in fact that is artistic. The most popular pastimes of fairies are music and dancing. At night the fairies would rise from their homes and come out to dance away the hours of darkness. They especially love to dance in the evening of the full moon. When the morning sun begins torise, the fairies vanish.Many mortals were enticed by the beauty of dancing fairies and sought to watch them dance at night. But this was very dangerous, because if the fairies lured and trapped a mortal, the mortal could be forced to danceall night until they collapsed from exhaustion. Fairy music is more melodious than human music and there are many songs and tunes which are said to have originated from the fairies. Many pipers and fiddlers of Europe learned their songs from the fairies. Always leave a bit of milk or drink in your glass at a feast and never pick the last fruit from the tree. Don’t stay up too late either, for fairies like to gather round after the family is in bed and drink and eat. If treated well, the fairies will bestow good fortune and reveal the mysteries of plant herbs. For acts of kindness bestowed upon the spirits, fairy blessings will come in the form of unexpected good luck.‍