Apple Greeting Card

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“Quert” (5 September – 2nd October) is the name of the Apple Tree in the ancient Irish Ogham Alphabet. It represents vitality, life Force, magic, regeneration and healing. Alike the Welsh Avalon, Irish Mythology relates of an otherworldly place named “The Land of the Apples”, kingdom of Manannan Mac Lir, and located somewhere on the Western Ocean. Apples represent the eternal substance of life itself, as well as a symbol of the knowledge learned and earned by the heart. Find Ned the Irish black cat and follow him into the woods, where he will lead you to your sacred birth tree…

Greeting Card

Width: 12 cm

Height: 18 cm

Weight: 24 g

Material: Paper x weight

Greeting Card representing original acrylic painting and digital art by Elena Danaan

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The Ogham Alphabet is a very ancient system of scripture, using native trees of Ireland combined to a series of lines crossing a vertical mark or an angle on a stone. Some of them are associated with the thirteen moons of the Celtic calendar. Apples offer the highest inspiration, magical protection, and healing for the soul. In Norse myth, Idunna was the keeper of the 'apples of immortality' which kept the Gods young. The 'fruit-bearing tree' referred to by Tacitus in his description of Norse runic divination may have been the apple. Apple indicates choice, and is useful for love and healing magic. It is also the tree growing in the orchards of the Isles of the Blessed, and in Celtic myths represents the inner knowledge. A Silver Branch offered by the Sidhe to the Irish king of Tara was supposed to soothe the mind and transport the spirit to realms of inspiration and beauty.