Danu Greeting Card

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Ancient Irish Goddess of the Earth and Great Mother of all living beings, she has a strong connection to the land and the water. She is a goddess of fertility, bounty, prosperity, rivers, wells, of birth and of renewal.

Greeting Card

Width: 12 cm

Height: 18 cm

Weight: 24 g

Material: Paper x weight

Greeting Card representing an original acrylic painting of the Irish Godess Danu by Elena Danaan

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Full Description

Danu is the mother Earth for the ancient people of Ireland. The soil is regarded as her womb, sometimes also represented as a chalice or a cauldron. Within her body, all life is born, returned after death, and renewed. She was brought to Ireland by the Tuatha de Dannan, “the people of Danu”, originating from an area of Eastern Europe located between the Danube River and the Black Sea. She is also known by the names Anu and Dana.  She is particularly associated with a place near Rathmore, in Co.Kerry, the Paps of Anu, where two mountains seem to form a pair of breasts. At their feet are the remains of a Bronze Age settlement,Cathair Crobh Dearg, also called “The City”, next to the village of Shrone.