Dagda Greeting Card

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Father god of the Tuatha de Dannan, the Dagda is an important deity in Irish mythology, portrayed as a king, a chieftain and a druid. He is associated with fertility, agriculture, masculinity and strength, as well as magic, druidry and wisdom.

Greeting Card

Width: 12 cm

Height: 18 cm

Weight: 24 g

Material: Paper x weight

Greeting Card representing an original oil painting of the Irish God Dagda by Elena Danaan

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Full Description

The Dagda has control over life and death, the weather andthe crops, the time and the seasons.He wears a hooded cloak and owns a magic staff which can kill with one end and bring life with the other, a cauldron which never runs empty, and a magic harp which can control men’s emotions and change the seasons. He is said to dwell in Bru na Boinne (Newgrange). Otherplaces associated with him include Uisneach, Grianan of Aileach, Assaroe Falls, Lough Neagh and Iveagh. The Dagda mates with several goddesses such as the Morrigan and Boann. His children include Aengus, Brigit, Bodb Derg, Cermait,Aed, and Midir.