Cernunnos Poster A3

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Cernunnos is the Celtic Lord of wildlife and guardian of the deepest secrets of the forests. He bears also the names of Herne or Pan, and is often represented wearing deer antlers or depicted as a stag. He appeals within us to our primal power, and hegenerates growth and fertility for all aspects in our life.

A3 Poster

Width: 29.7 cm

Height: 42 cm

Weight:98 g

Material: Paper x weight

A3 Poster representation of an acrylic painting of the Celtic God Cernunnos by Elena Danaan

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Full Description

Cernunnos protects all living creatures and assists us in our actions to preserve nature.Cernunnos holds here a Torque towards the moon, visually drawing two circles symbolising the union of Feminine and Masculine. In his left hand he holds at bay and in balance, the sexual energy of nature, depicted by a snake with ram horns. Sika-Deer and Oak leaves crown his head, and in his run through theforest, behind him, a Blackthorn unfolds its magical doorway to the darkestsecrets of the night.

Representation inspired from the Gundestrup cauldron (200 BC)